2020 DMD BFA Exhibition—Storrs

Student Work



Emily Cesarini

Greenwich, CT

BFA (Game Design)
Advisor: Kenneth Thompson

3D game
Link to Guidance

Synopsis: Cody has shown signs of inheriting his grandfather's gift of being a spirit seer, someone who can talk to trapped spirits and help them move on by breaking their attachment to the mortal world. Cody decided to explore grandfather's house to learn more about this "gift." However, when he arrives at the house he finds a note from his grandfather, apologizing for his absence, as a particularly difficult spirit case has arisen.

Artist Statement: Guidance is an interactive game designed to incentivize players to explore their environment through their interactions with the world around them. The items they interact with are designed to strike the player’s curiosity, encouraging them to delve further into the world to discover its tale. Taking place in a 3D voxel environment, Guidance guides the player through engaging surroundings full of hidden clues. Each clue comes together to create a narrative experience that will leave the player with a sense of accomplishment, once completed. To bring my idea to life I modeled and textured the 3D world in Maya and MagicaVoxel and imported it into Unity to be implemented. Using code and environmental design, along with particle effects and lighting, I was able to highlight areas to entice the player to engage and give the player a sense of achievement when a task was accomplished. Overall, Guidance is a game about discovery and curiosity that drives the player's interest and engages them to become fully encapsulated in the game space.

Artist Bio
Emily Cesarini

Emily Cesarini is a Game Designer from Greenwich, Connecticut. She is currently finishing up her senior year at the University of Connecticut and will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media & Design degree in May 2020. Along with designing games, Emily has 3D modeled several game environments and props that bring her games to life. She believes that games are the most effective medium to relay messages and stories that will foster positive change in the world. After graduation Emily wants to join a company where she will continue learning and be able to share her own knowledge to create inspiring, unique, games.


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