2020 DMD BFA Exhibition—Storrs

Student Work



Shawn Chen

Litchfield, CT

BFA (3D Animation)
Sponsors: Greenhouse Studios, Fernando Alvarez Gallery


In lieu of a senior project, I completed multiple internships during my junior and senior year of college. I worked with Thomas Lee at UConn's Greenhouse Studios on a virtual environment project, Charles VR. In this interactive experience, a recreation of the coronation of Charles V of Bologna is experienced in first person through a headset and motion-based hand controls. Integrated into a multidisciplinary team, my contributions to the project ranged from recreating background assets to designing characters inspired from era-specific paintings and literature.

Additionally, I worked at Fernando Alvarez Gallery in Berlin, Connecticut, where I completed multiple digital renderings of sculptures within the gallery through the use of animation tools and parametric modeling software. These two experiences will prove to be strong stepping stones into my future career as a 3D artist.

Artist Bio
Shawn Chen

Shawn Chen is a first-generation college student and is a 3D Animation major graduating in 2020 with a BFA in Digital Media & Design. Because of his interests in industrial design, he concentrates in 3D modeling, design, and rendering related to product development and has completed internships at Greenhouse Studios and Fernando Alvarez Gallery. He anticipates working at Shark-Ninja, located in Boston, in the coming months as a Junior CG Artist.


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