2020 DMD BFA Exhibition—Storrs

Student Work



Emma Cooper

Waterbury, CT

BFA (3D Animation)
Advisor: Heejoo Kim

Interactive 3D environment

Home is a 3D environment of a scientist's lab located on his own private island. Doctor Shell is a marine biologist with one goal: to discover 100% of the ocean floor! Because of his dedication to the sea, he is far away from home and his wife and kids. Although he is committed to his scientific research, that does not prevent him from missing his family back home. By exploring Home, the player can find letters, photos, and words of encouragement from his family that remind him that although science is his passion, there is no place like Home.

For this project, I wanted to showcase my 3D modeling skills and really get to play with color and design. I therefore created a zany environment that revolves around the story of someone who misses their home, as I have missed my own home throughout my college career. Deciding to go to college forced me to learn how to live away from my family for the first time and put me into a new environment. Dedicating my time to study my passion for 3D modeling has made me feel, too, like a crazy scientist dedicated to their craft while longing for their family back home. Home was also an opportunity for me to create an environment in the Unity game engine, since I am pursuing 3D modeling for games as a career.

Artist Bio
Emma Cooper

Emma Cooper is a 3D artist from Waterbury, Connecticut. She is currently finishing up her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Digital Media & Design in 3D Animation, and a Studio Art minor. She currently holds a position as a Game Art Intern for Skunkape Games, LLC. Emma focuses on 3D modeling and texturing and loves to create character concepts and props in a 3D workspace. She enjoys 3D art in all forms, but more specifically loves creating cartoony 3D game assets that help push a game's aesthetic to tell its story.

Emma enjoys cooking dinner, creating new faces with her makeup, and playing video games to give her inspiration for her 3D work.


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