2020 DMD BFA Exhibition—Storrs

Student Work



Jefferey Dobbs

New Haven, CT

BFA (3D Animation)
Advisor: Dennis Recchia & Dan Pejril

3D animation
3 min

Synesth-Sense is a 3D animated short about an artist's struggle with creative block. In the piece, the main character, Jack, feels discouraged by his inability to create a mural which is reflected through his perception of the world around him. During Jack's frustration, he encounters a boombox speaker which reveals that he has traces of a neurological condition known as synesthesia. Synesthesia is defined as "the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body" (Oxford Dictionary).

I’ve always been interested in synesthesia and was eager to tell a story that informs people who are unaware of the condition, bringing inclusion to the community it represents. I heavily relied on research from Ted Talks and friends who have the condition and learned that everyone experiences synesthesia differently.

Synesth-Sense serves as a platform to explore an audio and visual perception of Synesthesia in a unique way. Annie Dickinson's TED Talk, Seeing Sound: How Synesthesia Can Change Our Thinking, was influential in developing the base for how the synesthetic effects would be portrayed while adding my own stylistic approach. During my creative process, I've decided to create a style beyond the tangible and realistic world, while also being grounded in the principles of reality.

Artist Bio
Jefferey Dobbs

Jefferey Dobbs currently attends the University of Connecticut as a Digital Media & Design major with a concentration in 3D Animation. From a young age, 3D visualization has always interested Jefferey, as a new way to develop worlds and concepts beyond our reality. 3D art grants creators another avenue to be limitless in their imagination. Jefferey believes that 3D visualization serves as a platform to create life and believability in an intangible environment. Digital media allows him to introduce his creative processes and perspective to others through the screen.

Working at Yale's Center for Collaborative Arts and Media as a 3D Mixed Reality Specialist opened Jefferey's eyes to the possibilities that 3D visualization has to offer, not only in entertainment but in saving lives through virtual and augmented reality. Jefferey learned about the ways 3D mixed reality will be influential more in the entertainment industry through movies, as well. Currently, Jefferey is working at an up-and-coming music app called Trebel Music, where he develops ads and playlist designs for user engagement and acquisition.

Jefferey plans to work in 3D motion graphics while developing his own agency in the 3D animation/3D motion graphics industry. He will also work as an advocate to educate students in his community about the endless possibilities 3D graphics has to offer.


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