2020 DMD BFA Exhibition—Storrs

Student Work



Tal Modiano

Woodbridge, CT

BFA (Motion Design & Animation)
Advisor: Heejoo Kim

Mixed media animation
4 min 16 sec

Wade/Cull is a mixed media animation that tells the story of two aliens on a mission to investigate a strange and distant planet called 'Earth,' which they believe to be home to intelligent lifeforms. After making their way through our solar system, they find themselves within range of our satellites, and begin to pick up TV frequencies on their spaceship monitors which reveal to them a shocking history of Earth, and the human experience.

The video is set to the Them Airs song of the same name, off of their 2020 album Union Suit XL. It blends abstract lyrics with elements of post-punk, disco, noise rock, and progressive rock. The music video utilizes a blend of traditional animation, archival footage, and digital effects to tell the aliens' story. The footage on their screen appears in the form of a montage of archival film, which follows the many ups and downs of the song's emotional and tonal arc, to give the aliens a glimpse of the human experience. Life, death, love, war, nature, beauty, destruction, and many other facets of civilization are exposed to them in a flash of light as they try to comprehend what it means to be human.

Artist Bio
Tal Modiano

Tal Modiano is a graphic designer, animator, and studio artist from New Haven CT, currently pursuing a BFA in Digital Media & Design from the University of Connecticut. He has a background in fine arts and illustration, but an academic focus on motion graphics, 2D animation, and general graphic design. He has experience in professional branding as well as filmmaking and editing. In his personal creative endeavors he enjoys working with experimental, and traditional hand-drawn animation, particularly in the world of music visualization, and music videos.


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