2020 DMD BFA Exhibition—Storrs

Student Work


Waddle We Do?: An Environmental Preduckament

Morgan Rossi

Glastonbury, CT

BFA (3D Animation)
Advisors: Dan Pejril & Dennis Recchia

3D animation projection on found object sculpture
1 min 45 sec

Waddle We Do?: An Environmental Preduckament is a projection mapped 3D animation and installation designed to raise environmental awareness. The audience follows the story of a family of ducks who arrive at a messy, garbage-filled fountain. After the duckling is entangled in a discarded plastic bag, the dad duck cleans up the fountain so his duckling can have a safe, healthy environment to grow. Eventually, the ducks finish clearing away the garbage and spend the rest of spring playing in the fountain until leaving for the winter.

While dreaming up ideas for my project, I was inspired by the recent plastic bag ban introduced in Connecticut and decided to showcase environmental preservation through 3D animation and projection mapping. My goal with this piece was to bring attention to how the simple act of littering can affect our surroundings and animals - including humans. The objects the ducks clean from the fountain are important, especially single-use plastic bottles and plastic bags. Plastic bottles are a danger to animals and humans because they break down into micro-plastics and seep into the ground (and are also found in our tap water) while animals tend to swallow and choke on plastic bags. If you look closely at the projection surface the animation is playing on, all of the objects mentioned before are found in the birdbath piece. A friend inspired me to create the birdbath from recycled trash, and I felt I needed to bring attention to the garbage in both an animated and physical setting. I hope those who watch my piece will be inspired to be more mindful about throwing out trash and recycling correctly in order to get ourselves out of our current environmental preduckament.

Artist Bio
Morgan Rossi

Born and raised in New England, Morgan Rossi is a 3D artist with a passion for 3D modeling. She is currently a senior at the University of Connecticut, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media & Design degree. This past summer, she interned at Kate Spade New York as their 3D Concept Design Intern. Currently, she is working on her senior project which is focused around environmental preservation. The story utilizes projection mapping, and all aspects of the 3D animation pipeline, to portray a theme of environmental preservation through the use of a duck family. After graduation, Morgan plans to continue her 3D modeling work in the entertainment industry and hopes that everyone stays safe and healthy.


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