2020 DMD BFA Exhibition—Storrs

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A Little Too Real @a.little.too.real

Sheryl Wang

Ellington, CT

BFA (Motion Design & Animation)
Advisor: Anna Lindemann

Instagram webcomic
Link to A Little Too Real @a.little.too.real

A Little Too Real is an animated webcomic about relatable struggles people face throughout college and life. The comic features personal anecdotes and deals with general themes of growing up and blossoming into adulthood.

In creating A Little Too Real, I wanted to make something I could call mine, something I was proud of, and something that I could continue to work on. I was inspired by Bitmoji Stories, where subscribers receive a weekly 4-5 slide, animated comic through Snapchat, starring their own Bitmoji character. I loved the idea of creating something that people could relate to, with comics titled "The Biggest Scams of Cooking" and "Adult Things I Never Thought I'd Enjoy Until Living Off Campus."

Instagram is a platform where people show their public identities. The content is carefully selected and puts forth a persona that the user wants their audience to see. On my personal Instagram, I only post pictures that I think are "instagram-worthy," and people don't get to see most of the details of my life. I decided to use Instagram as my medium because my comic is about things that are "a little too real," sometimes showing the not-so-pretty side of things. The content shows a more complex self-portrait and is true to myself, which provides a juxtaposition with what the app is mostly used for. My hope is to continue this comic after the exhibition and keep illustrating the aspects of life that everyone goes through. Give @a.little.too.real a follow and leave a like!

Artist Bio
Sheryl Wang

Sheryl Wang is a BFA candidate at the University of Connecticut, concentrating in Motion Design & Animation. While she specializes in motion graphics, she is a lover of all things design, often connecting design with her interests in food, fashion, and pop culture. After interning in New York City at Shiseido Americas, Sheryl plans to further her design career in the city, pursuing her goal of becoming an art director. Growing up, Sheryl was always interested in illustration, and hopes to continue working on her webcomic after the initial launch. In her free time, Sheryl enjoys trying new recipes and foods, thrift shopping, and catching up on the latest memes.


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